The Best Cheap Watches of 2017

Swiss cheap watches exports have fallen for the second year in a row, erasing all export growth since 2011. While some established brands continue to post healthy results, others are cutting staff, buying back inventory, putting themselves up for sale, or going out of business.

This dour climate has influenced this year’s new introductions. Perhaps in a fit of nostalgia for happier times, 2017’s most noticeable trend was a focus on the past, with re-editions, reinterpretations, and even exact copies of vintage models introduced by many brands. Consumers, meanwhile, are still buying, but they’re getting smarter and savvier. They’re weeding out the mediocre and overpriced, and seeking meaningful, high-quality fake watches offering great value. Barron’s Penta is here to help the process with our selection of the cheap watches of 2017, in our usual eight categories.

We were wowed when handling the cheap watches—even the best photographs can’t adequately capture the effect. Every surface of the case and bracelet comes alive, reflecting light at different angles, and tricking one into believing that the replica watches uk is paved with diamonds. Available in two case sizes—33 mm and 37 mm, and in white or rose gold—we pick the 37-mm models with AP’s in-house, self-winding mechanical movement.

Three modes of reading time—civil, solar, and sidereal—are each powered by its own dedicated gear trains. Flip the replica watches uk and be awed by the multilayered, semitransparent celestial chart showing the current position of the Milky Way galaxy.

Manually wound and enhanced by a tourbillon, the fake watches uses cutting-edge alloys and gear-tooth geometries to deliver a staggering three-week power reserve. That all of this fits within a wearable case is a testament to Vacheron Constantin’s industry-leading skills. The unique Celestia sold almost immediately for an estimated $1 million.

Multiple orders for custom versions have since rolled in—proof that buyers continue to line up for the world’s best fake watches.