Leatherman’s First Fake Watches: A Time-Telling Toolbox

The Leatherman Tread, released in 2015, has small tools hidden in the links of a metal wristband. Screwdrivers, a carbide tip to break glass, and a box cutter are included.

For this fall, the company upgrades the concept and introduces the latest function — a Swiss-made timepiece.

Called the Tread Tempo, it will be available in November. The stainless-steel timepiece with quartz movement offers a touch of luxury at $575, but also keeping function found on the original model.

Instead of a fake watche, a wearer has access to 30 tiny tools. Unveiled at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market on July 26, GearJunkie got an exclusive hands-on review.

Leatherman Tread: Wearable Design

“When you think of wearable technology, what do you think of?” Tim Lyden, a product manager for Leatherman, is speaking to my group. We’re seated for an after-show dinner in Salt Lake City.

Lyden responded with the obvious: fake watches, smart gadgets, and exercise bands like Fitbit. Leatherman, however, views wearable technology differently.

Leatherman customers, Lyden noted, get their hands dirty, fix things, and solve hands-on problems. For them the company hopes to offer a new wearable option.

Leatherman Watch: Tread Tempo Features

From a distance, the Tread Tempo looks like a normal watch. Upon closer inspection, it is ready to fix problems that arise in daily life.

In total, the bracelet has six links and a timepiece. The links have a 3/32″ screwdriver, 6mm hex drive, 4mm hex drive, #3 square drive, #1 square drive, and pozi-drive #3.

The replica watches uk comes with three extra links able to be interchanged. These have an 8mm box wrench, pozi-driv #2, and 11mm box wrench.

A detachable file and screwdriver are on the back of the timepiece. This allows you to remove and add links without an additional tool.

As it is intended for heavy-duty wear, a shock resistant sapphire crystal offers scratch resistance. The timepiece has a unidirectional diver’s bezel with glow-in-the-dark hour hands (for the stainless steel version only).

It comes with a two-year movement warranty, five-year battery warranty, and 25-year band warranty.

All of the tools will get through security no problem at the airport, Leatherman touts.
Who’s It For: Leatherman Tread Tempo

If you find yourself running into small problems, like loose screws, or the need to open boxes without a knife, or simple bike breakdowns, having tools on your wrist can be useful.

If you are replica watches uk junkie, this product will undoubtedly conjure many conversations.

I like to believe there’s a phenomenon of functionality (I’m calling it “Leatherman Vision”) that happens when wearing a Leatherman. Suddenly, more problems arise that stand to be fixed.

Without a Leatherman bracelet on, they wouldn’t cross your mind. You view the world a bit differently.

In the age of “smart” wearable technology, Leatherman marches in a more hands-on direction.